Asking for a favorite baseball memory is akin to asking “which is my favorite grandchild?”  It’s impossible.

High on my list are Sean Casey’s Bison’s games in 1997 and Rowdy Tellez’ 2 HR’s on Opening Day in 2017.

However, the uplifting experience of watching MLB games in Buffalo during the pandemic and a Blue Jays dramatic victory must rate number 1.

On June 2, 2022, my wife, Lori and I took 2 grandchildren, Pete (6) and Lucy (4) to the Marlins at Blue Jays game at Sahlen Field.  Lucy got settled with her popcorn and Pete was in his Bo Bichette jersey.

We got to see Alex Manoah pitch for the Blue Jays, but the best moment was Bo Bichette’s 9th inning double to drive in 2 runs to tie the score. Joe Panik followed with the game winning sac fly to seal the Blue Jays comeback victory.

-Richard D. Hunt

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