I didn’t grow up here in WNY. However I am a huge baseball fan, have lived in WNY since 1994, root for the Bisons, attended multiple Bisons games most years, brought my sons to Sahlen Field when they were growing up, and still attend games with my oldest son. I received a copy of SOBB for Father’s Day and love the special Zoom events.My favorite baseball story is from my childhood. I grew up downstate, 25 minutes from Yankee Stadium. My Dad was a huge fan of Joe DiMaggio ( I think the vowel at the end of Joe’s last name had some influence!). Those of you old enough may remember July 20, 1969. That was the day Apollo 11 landed on the Moon. Dad and I had tickets to Bat Day at Yankee Stadium. I was 9 years old and very excited to attend my second ¬†Major League game! The season before we had attended a doubleheader against the soon-to-be World Champion Detroit Tigers. The Yankees miraculously swept the doubleheader. It was the only time I saw Mickey Mantle play live. On Bat Day I received a Bobby Murcer Louisville Slugger (which I still have). I don’t remember much about the actual game (the Yankees beat the Senators 3-2), but I do remember the game stopping when the astronauts actually landed on the Moon. The scoreboard displayed the news of the landing, the crowd roared, and all of us waved our bats. I have since seen video of this moment on Apollo 11 documentaries and it still brings a chill to my spine. I was there!! Me and my Dad! I’ll never forget it!

-Frank Colletti

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