There are so many memories to choose from. One would think it would be during my time with my Jamestown Jammers (Detroit A affiliate) as their GM. But it started so many years earlier for me.

Affectionately known as “The Rockpile” (War Memorial Stadium) in Buffalo, NY, it was the basis for my love of all sports as a child. Walking into the stadium and taking in the entire Baseball experience; the smell of popcorn being made, the slap of a ball into a glove during warm-ups, the crack of the bat during BP, the organists (no hip-hop or classic rock back then) and the roar of “Cold beer here!” throughout the stands…that was baseball to me.

Cheering crowds, plays at home plate, batters and base-runners strategically moving like chess pieces. And of course the occasional blast of a home run, out-of-the-park ball…that’s the game. And on one did it better than Buffalo, NY.

-Michael F.

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