Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #13

I didn’t grow up here in WNY. However I am a huge baseball fan, have lived in WNY since 1994, root for the Bisons, attended multiple Bisons games most years, brought my sons to Sahlen Field when they were growing up, and still attend games with my oldest son. I received a copy of SOBB […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #12

One of my favorite memories was the 1984 baseball season.I was lucky enough to work with the Buffalo Bisons and Jack Tracz.Yes, we were a Double AA team but we shared a lot of fun moments with other minor league teams.One of the biggest memories was when the Oldtimers Game came to Buffalo.Mike Billoni introduced […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #11

After the Blizzard of ’77 Yankees owner George Steinbrenner brought to Buffalo a bunch of NY Yankees to help promote some of his friends’ businesses. I went to the Buffalo Airport to try and meet them. I asked at the counter about the players they told me that there were reservations but were cancelled.I knew they […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #10

Asking for a favorite baseball memory is akin to asking “which is my favorite grandchild?”  It’s impossible. High on my list are Sean Casey’s Bison’s games in 1997 and Rowdy Tellez’ 2 HR’s on Opening Day in 2017. However, the uplifting experience of watching MLB games in Buffalo during the pandemic and a Blue Jays […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #9

I love to take my grandkids to the baseball games, all 9 of them. We have always have fun because they somehow are given a ball from the game nearly every time. But the fun part is my grandchild throws the ball in the air and I video them catching it, like they actually caught […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #8

The 1st game I was at, in Buffalo at Pilot Field in August of 1988.  It was a 1-0 victory by Nashville on a home run by pitcher Candy Sierra, but I couldn’t get over how beautiful the stadium was. I took a Trailways line run bus from Williamsport PA to downtown Buffalo. Still a […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #7

There are so many memories to choose from. One would think it would be during my time with my Jamestown Jammers (Detroit A affiliate) as their GM. But it started so many years earlier for me. Affectionately known as “The Rockpile” (War Memorial Stadium) in Buffalo, NY, it was the basis for my love of […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #6

As the mom to a son who has always loved the sport, one of my favorite memories would be when his little league team took the field at “Dunn Tire Park” (Sahlen’s Field) and got to stand at their positions along side the Bison’s team players for the National Anthem. The smiles on the boys […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #5

In the summer of 1968 I attended a Bison’s game at the old “Rockpile” vs. the Columbus Jets. Cincinnati was the parent team of the Bison’s and Johnny Bench was the talk of the International League While I don’t recall the final score (Bison’s won), I do remember three major events in the game that […]

Favorite Baseball Memory Submission #4

I love baseball, especially the minor leagues because you feel the action in close proximity to the players. When vacationing on leave from the US military visiting my family in North Tonawanda, I was teaching my 5-year old son, Edward, the finer points of the game – throwing, hitting and catching. When he was ready, […]